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Autologic is a repair shop in Fort Lauderdale that repairs faulty car AC units.

Automotive air conditioning is commonly considered standard equipment today – something that would’ve been an expensive luxury little more than 30 years ago. Standard or not, an air conditioning system can be one of the more troublesome pieces of equipment in any car or truck.

While some car owners can put off fixing an inadequate air conditioner after fall and winter, drivers in the hot, humid weather of South Florida don’t have that option. When an A/C system loses its cool in the greater Fort Lauderdale area, the experts at Autologic are ready, willing and able to diagnose the problem and make fast, efficient repairs. Here are a few problems commonly found in a failing automotive air conditioner.

Refrigerant/coolant leak

While this generally affects older air conditioning systems in older vehicles, any air conditioning system can develop leaks..

  • Rubber seals and hoses lose elasticity with age, developing cracks that allow Freon to escape. Outside moisture enters and contaminates the system, mixing with the remaining refrigerant and creating a corrosive acid-like substance.
  • Moisture can also damage the accumulator, filter drier or receiver, which remove moisture from the system. These devices will stop functioning if exposed to an open (leaking or cracked) system.
  • Any leak needs immediate professional attention to prevent serious internal damage to the unit.

Noisy compressor

A suddenly noisy compressor usually means impending doom, but it can also be caused by loose hoses, contaminated refrigerant, using the wrong compressor lubricant or air in the unit.

Temperature instability

  • Constantly fluctuating air temperatures may mean that moisture is building up in one of the assemblies or hoses, creating ice that clogs the outlets.
  • If the system’s expansion valve is blocked, refrigerant can’t flow into the evaporator. The trapped refrigerant will eventually freeze the valve, especially if moisture is present.
  • A faulty compressor clutch cannot engage with the compressor, which causes pressure failure and results in hot air being blown from the vents.

Bad odors

Bacteria buildup in the evaporator can cause a stench to emanate from the air conditioner’s vents. The cause may be a dirty cabin filter or a blocked evaporator drain which causes trapped water to accumulate mold.

Autologic is a repair and auto care shop that has been serving the greater Fort Lauderdale area for more than 30 years. All of our technicians are ASE (Automotive Science Excellence) certified and dedicated to superior repairs and customer satisfaction.

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