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Autologic provides preventive  car maintenance  and repair on any  make or model.

There’s nothing as frustrating to a busy South Florida car owner as turning the key in the ignition and hearing clicking, grinding or nothing at all. While the first guess may be a dead battery, the electrical system also contains the equally critical alternator and starter.

Common electrical system problems can include the following symptoms:

  • If the interior or dash lights don’t work, chances are a fuse has blown. The fuse panel can be located under the dash, in the glove box or in the engine compartment.
  • When the vehicle starts without a problem, but the headlights dim at low speeds, the alternator may not be producing enough electricity and is using power from the battery to take up the slack.
  • If the car makes a clicking noise or there’s no response at all when trying to start it, the battery may be dead due to loose or corroded connections or because of a bad cell inside the battery.
  • Hearing a harsh, grinding noise when starting the vehicle may indicate that the starter is not properly meshing with the flywheel. This may point to a bad solenoid or a bad spot on the flywheel.

Because most new cars or trucks depend on computerized systems to control steering, brakes and other critical elements, it can be nearly impossible to pinpoint electrical problems without specialized equipment that accesses a vehicle’s data.

The electrical system repair specialists  Fort Lauderdale  at Autologic use this diagnostic equipment to identify the exact cause of any vehicle’s electrical problems – from old school to the latest models of domestic or imported vehicles. Depending on the year, make and model of a truck or car, electrical system service can include:

Complete charging system diagnostics and repair, including checking and replacing the battery power supply

  • Using engine diagnostics to troubleshoot complex problems or advanced electrical systems
  • Starting system diagnostics, repair and replacement
  • Alternator testing and replacement
  • Power windows, seats and locks diagnosis and repair
  • Air bag system testing and repair
  • Testing and repair of anti-lock brake systems
  • Diagnosis and repair of tire pressure monitoring systems

Electrical system problems can be confusing and aggravating, especially because they often develop without warning. Luckily, AutoLogic Auto Repair is a full-service, one-stop facility that has been serving the greater Fort Lauderdale area for more than 20 years. Our highly experienced and ASE (Automotive Science Excellence) certified technicians provide fast and expert diagnostic and repair services coupled with unmatched, professional customer care.

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