Tire Pressure

How to Check Your Tire Pressure Properly

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A simple tire maintenance is often one of the most overlooked responsibilities of car owners. Inflating and maintaining proper tire pressure ensures safer, more comfortable driving and better fuel efficiency in vehicles of all sizes. While the task itself is not complicated, many drivers forget about their tires until a problem rears its ugly head and emergency roadside service is …

Warning lights

The Most Common Car Warning Lights Explained

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A vehicle’s dashboard warning lights are nothing new, but the variety and number of messages they relay have increased significantly, especially on newer vehicles. Not all warning lights are universal, either – they can vary widely by model and make, especially in foreign-made cars and trucks or high-end vehicles with more exotic systems. Keeping the owner’s manual handy will make …

Toolkit Basics For Every Car Owner

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Weekend wrencher or weekend warrior, every car owner should travel with a good set of basic tools in his or her vehicle. With today’s active lifestyle – especially here in South Florida – a great deal of time is spent in all types of vehicles. A few important tools should be automatically included in every toolkit. They can be purchased …

Porsche Death Rattle: What Every Owner Needs to Know

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If your are a 1997 to 2008 Porsche owner by now you’ve heard stories of the fabled Porsche death rattle. A engine failure related to Intermediate Shaft Bearing (IMS) that has plagued close to 10% of the following Porsche vehicles: 911 Models 1997 to 2008 All Boxster Models 1997-2008 All Cayman Models 2006-2008 The IMS failure is characterized by an …

Synthetic or Conventional Motor Oil: What to Choose?

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There you are, waiting at the mechanic, thumbing your way through an old Men’s Fitness Magazine while second guessing that free coffee you just drank, then, a voice.. “Regular or Synthetic oil?” Though we always suggest to follow the manufactures recommendations, at first glance, regular oil’s cheaper price may stand out. So why spend twice as much on synthetic oil …