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Autologic provides complete fuel system repair services for any car make or model

Every vehicle – from a classic street rod to the newest pickup – has a fuel system on which it depends. Internal combustion engines need that system to store and deliver gasoline or diesel fuel to the engine. Proper maintenance of a fuel system is critical in preventing a possible catastrophic engine failure.

Carbureted engines generally contain low-pressure fuel systems equipped with either a mechanical fuel pump, which delivers gasoline depending on the RPMs of the motor, or an electrical fuel pump, which controls the amount of gas going to the engine with a restrictor.

On modern vehicles, the fuel system is controlled by the engine control unit (ECU), which controls the fuel/air mixture and other operations based on inputs from the mass air flow meter and throttle position and oxygen sensors.

The fuel system repair specialists at AutoLogic are fully equipped to maintain, diagnose and repair any fuel system. We specialize in providing expert fuel injector and induction cleaning services to restore performance.

Recognizing potential problems before they become serious, especially with a fuel system, is half the battle in good automotive ownership. Here are a few symptoms of fuel system problems.

Bad fuel filter: Frequent stalling, hart start, hesitation, erratic performance

Clogged fuel line: Trouble starting, engine stuttering or failing, smoke inside the vehicle

Faulty fuel injector: Engine knock, poor idle, surging or bucking

Leaking fuel injector: Increased fuel consumption, fuel odors in and around the vehicle, hard starts

Bad fuel pump: Engine sputtering, vehicle jerking at speed, power loss when accelerating, surging

Fuel systems fail for a number of reasons, usually due to combination of factors. Scheduled maintenance will combat the chances of a system failure, which should include the following services:

  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Clean the fuel injector or carburetor, intake valves and combustion chambers with fuel system cleaner
  • Diagnose and restore smooth idle and acceleration
  • Visual inspection of fuel lines
  • A full fuel-induction system inspection, cleaning and lubrication
  • Remove dirt, carbon and other deposits from the throttle body and throttle plate

Every vehicle will eventually let its owner know there are problems and the fuel system is no different. Having it professionally serviced on a regular basis will do much to extend its life. At AutoLogic service and repair shop in Fort Lauderdale, all of our technicians are ASE (Automotive Science Excellence) certified and dedicated to superior customer satisfaction. We have been successfully serving the South Florida community for more than 30 years. We  are fuel system repair specialists  of excellence.

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