Our Promise to You

  • 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty on all  parts and labor.

We install “JASPER” re-manufactured engines, transmissions, and differentials. Jasper engines, transmissions, and differentials carry a 3 year/100,000 mile* warranty! Many of our parts and services carry a lifetime warranty. Please inquire.

AutoLogic Auto Repair is a full service one stop facility. We can help you with all services and repairs on any vehicle or truck. Feel free to call or e-mail us for more information.

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Service Menu

View a list of our services below. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please fill out the form or call us at (954) 462-7560.

Oil Change

Lube, oil and filter change combined with a comprehensive inspection

30,60,90,120,150K Services

Factory specified service to keep your vehicle running like new and protect your warranty.


Complete pre-purchase vehicle inspection.

Preventative Maintenance

Flushing of worn fluids to extend service life, prevent breakdown.

   Fuel System

Fuel injector and induction cleaning services to restore performance.


Computer controls tested and repaired.

Check Engine Light On?

Check engine lights tested and repaired.


Brakes and Clutches repaired.


Batteries, Alternators, Starters, Lights, Wiring checked and repaired.

Air Conditioning Repair

  • Service and Retrofit to R134A
  • “BG” Air Conditioning system tune up available.
  • Cabin Air Filter Installation and Replacement


Tire recommendations, repair and installation services.

    All The Rest

Tune up, Suspension, Struts, Shocks, Exhaust, Detailing and Alignments.

Additional Services

Jaguar Repair
BMW Repair
Mercedes Repair
Lexus Repair
VW Repair
Mini Repair
Range Rover Repair
Landrover Repair
Porsche Repair
SAAB Repair
Classic Car Repair
Auto Repair
Anique Car Repair
Jaguar maintenance
BMW maintenance
Mercedes maintenance
Lexus maintenance
VW maintenance
Mini maintenance
Range Rover maintenance
Landrover maintenance
Porsche maintenance
SAAB maintenance
Classic Car maintenance
Auto maintenance
Antique Car maintenance
Jaguar service
BMW service
Mercedes service
Lexus service
VW service
Mini service

Radiator repair
motor mounts repair
Automotive computer repair
Automotive electronics repair
suspension repair
ABS breaks Service
Power steering Service
Power windows / locks Service
waterpump Service
starter Service
fuel injector Service
Radiator Service
motor mounts Service
Automotive computer Service
Automotive electronics Service
suspension Service
ABS breaks mechanic
Power steering mechanic
Power windows / locks mechanic
waterpump mechanic
starter mechanic
fuel injector mechanic
Radiator mechanic
motor mounts mechanic
Automotive computer mechanic
Automotive electronics mechanic
suspension mechanic
Range Rover service
Landrover service
Porsche service
SAAB service
Classic Car service
Auto service
Antique Car service
Jaguar tune up

SAAB tune up
Classic Car tune up
Auto tune up
Antique Car tune up
Jaguar mechanic
BMW mechanic
Mercedes mechanic
Lexus mechanic
VW mechanic
Mini mechanic
Range Rover mechanic
Landrover mechanic
Porsche mechanic
SAAB mechanic
Classic Car mechanic
Auto mechanic
Antique Car mechanic
ABS breaks repair
Power steering repair
Power windows / locks repair
waterpump repair
starter repair
fuel injector repair
BMW tune up
Mercedes tune up
Lexus tune up
VW tune up
Mini tune up
Range Rover tune up
Landrover tune up
Porsche tune up